The New Deal for Consumers – the GDPR of Consumer Protection?
November 26, 2019

On 8 November 2019, the European Parliament and the Council adopted a directive on the better enforcement and modernisation of EU consumer protection rules. The directive is a part of the so-called ‘New Deal for Consumers’ legislative package proposed by the European Commission in spring 2018. The directive, which the Member States will have 24 […]

Traditionally, Finnish marketing legislation has been amongst the most consumer protection friendly in Europe. However, in recent years, the Finnish consumer authorities have been faced with the need to take the more liberal EU case law into account in the interpretation of marketing issues. The latest hot discussion concerning Finnish consumer protection law has been […]

The Consumer Ombudsmen of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway met in Helsinki in the beginning of May to discuss several consumer protection issues relating to the digital society. The topics discussed varied from consumer legislation in the digital economy to consumer protection issues in connection with the Internet of Things. One of the discussed themes […]

A year ago in February 2016, the European Commission launched an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. The ODR platform’s purpose is to resolve disputes between consumers and businesses arising from a good or service purchased online within the EU. It works cross-border, is faster, simpler and more cost efficient than going to court, offering benefits […]