IP Advice in Garage Overalls
December 2, 2016

We spent the November-December shift spreading the joyful message of the importance of IP to start-ups at the Helsinki Slush conference. Hannes Snellman also co-hosted a Slush related event called IPR Garage with amongst others, IPR University Center. Dressed up in yellow garage overalls we gave Start-ups and investors hands-on IP advice. The significance of […]

The Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) recently ruled that the tax losses of the Finnish branch of a UK bank will not be transferred in the merger of the UK bank into its UK sister bank. Had it been a Finnish subsidiary, this would not have been an issue at all. As a legal merger is a […]

In its judgment in case C-148/15 of October 19th, 2016, the European Court of Justice concluded that the German legislation on fixed prices for pharmacies’ sales of prescription medicinal products constitutes a restriction of the free movement of goods, and that such restriction could not be justified on grounds of it being necessary in protecting […]