eSports – Are Your IPRs Protected?
March 8, 2018

Yesterday our IP and Technology team attended the second HEL Tech event this year, with Gaming and eSports being the topic. Hannes Snellman is one of HEL Tech’s main co-operation partners, and hence, we have a box seat to attend these topical seminars and discussions with the participants. The eSports topic was particularly exciting, as […]

Financial institutions’ interest for using the services of cloud service providers has increased, and not without reason. Cloud services are known for their flexibility, and they offer a number of advantages, such as economies of scale, operational efficiencies, and cost-effectiveness. However, there has been a high level of uncertainty regarding related supervisory expectations forming unwanted […]

Secure Secondary Use of Health and Social Data
January 5, 2018

In October 2017, the Finnish Government proposed a new act on the secondary use of health and social data (FI: laki sosiaali- ja terveystietojen toissijaisesta käytöstä, HE 159/2017) (the “Act”). The aim of the proposed Act is to create modern and unified conditions for the use of health and social data for, among other, statistical, […]

As we already prefigured in our earlier blog post, the Article 29 Working Party (the “WP29”) has adopted drafts for guidance regarding requirements for transparency and consents under EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”). Transparency Transparency is one of the key principles of the processing of personal data under the GDPR. Furthermore, under the […]

Please read a brief summary in English at the end of the article. Markkinakartoitus EU:n yleinen tietosuoja-asetus on huomioitava tietojärjestelmähankinnoissa ja vanhatkin järjestelmät tulee saattaa asetuksen mukaisiksi 25.5.2018 lähtien. Mm. vastuita koskeva markkinakäytäntö on tältä osin vasta muodostumassa, joten hankintayksiköiden kannattaa hyödyntää hankintalain antamaa mahdollisuutta markkinakartoituksen tekemiseen. Tarjouspyyntöasiakirjoja on mahdollista lähettää toimittajien kommentoitavaksi tai keskustella […]

Traditionally, Finnish marketing legislation has been amongst the most consumer protection friendly in Europe. However, in recent years, the Finnish consumer authorities have been faced with the need to take the more liberal EU case law into account in the interpretation of marketing issues. The latest hot discussion concerning Finnish consumer protection law has been […]

Equal Treatment for Online Shoppers within the EU
December 5, 2017

Do you, as a consumer, find Christmas shopping exhausting? Should that be the case, we might have good news for you: a few weeks ago, the European Parliament, the Council, and the Commission confirmed that a political agreement to end unjustified “geoblocking” in buying products or services online within the EU has been reached. This […]

October 2017 has been a busy month for the Article 29 Working Party (the “WP29”), a group that consists of EU data protection authorities. The WP29 has recently published three new guidelines and revised some earlier guidelines on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”). The recent guidance includes proposed guidelines on […]

On 19 October, the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee (the “LIBE Committee”) of the European Parliament approved a revised draft of the E-Privacy Regulation. As we wrote on our blog earlier, the LIBE Committee submitted some significant changes to the Commission’s E-Privacy Regulation proposal (COM(2017) 10 final, which we wrote about on our […]