Tech Is All Around: Blockchain & Law
November 1, 2018

As noted in the previous Tech Is All Around: Hot Topics and Notes on the Future post, blockchain is touted as the next revolutionary technology, even as revolutionary as the introduction of the internet during the nineties. Blockchain is said to evolve the internet from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Instead of centralised entities such […]

Tech is All Around: Tech in Litigation
October 1, 2018

Enemy or friend? The discussion on how digitalisation and technology affect different areas of legal practice is in full swing, and the nature of litigation is clearly moving in a technology-influenced direction. In the following, we discuss two aspects of technology in relation to litigation. How Is Technology Visible in Disputes? Some people argue that […]

EU’s Digital Copyright Rules Take a Step Forward
September 20, 2018

European Parliament Voted on a New Directive The EU’s highly debated copyright reform is advancing as the European Parliament voted in favour of the Copyright Directive on 12 September 2018. The new digital copyright rules will impose new obligations and liabilities on online platforms. The Copyright Directive was first published two years ago, in 2016, […]

Tech is All Around: Hot Topics and Notes on the Future
September 17, 2018

Almost everyone is presumed to understand technology these days. Recent technology conversations have been focused on the phenomena that are predicted to revolutionise the way of doing business: blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and platform economy, to name a few. Blockchain is speculated to have the same impact as the Internet back in the days. Applications […]

Lohkoketjut yleistymässä Suomen markkinoilla?
September 7, 2018

Please read the translation in English at the end of the article. Lohkoketjua voidaan käyttää moneen: escrow-sopimukset, patentit, rahoitus, kulutustavarakauppa, luvat ja lisenssit, osakkeet. Lohkoketjut poistavat turhat välikädet, lisäävät avoimuutta, vähentävät petosten määrää, suojaavat järjestelmiä hyökkäyksiltä ja luovat uusia liiketoimintamahdollisuuksia. Hankintayksiköiden ja yritysten onkin syytä olla hereillä tämän teknologian suhteen, mutta mistä on kyse? Lohkoketju […]

Tech is All Around: Blog Series and Hannes Snellman Summer School
August 22, 2018

Tech is all around – literally. We exploit technology in everything that we do, for example, when we act as employees or consumers, or participate in social relations. Hence, technology has been a hot topic in conversations for years, often coloured by various future scenarios. Without doubt, ever since the invention of stone-made tools – […]

Summer Reading: Accelerating Data Regulation
July 5, 2018

The post-GDPR era offers us a chance for reflection. Where do we stand in the on-going processes of data legislation in the EU and, more importantly, what is the big picture? While data protection and privacy have been the trending topics of spring 2018, it must be borne in mind that the GDPR is but […]

On 25 May 2018, the long wait was over and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) finally entered into full force and effect and became applicable in all EU Member States. During the preceding two-year transition period, companies worked hard to prepare themselves for and to ensure compliance with the new requirements under the […]

Data and Law – Current Developments
April 16, 2018

The Finnish tech community is now talking about 5G technology. 5G will bring faster connections, among other things, and give a true boost to new technologies. In practice this means that mobile data transfers become even quicker. There will be no latency. Autonomous vehicles will be able to stay in constant contact with each other. […]