Four New Ways to Increase Flexibility in the Finnish Labour Market in 2020 Please read the translation in English at the end of the article. Eduskunta hyväksyi 13.3.2019 uuden työaikalain, joka astuu voimaan 1.1.2020. Lain tarkoituksena on vastata paremmin nykyisen työelämän tarpeisiin lisäämällä joustavuutta sekä kohentamalla työn ja vapaa-ajan tasapainoa. Laki tuo joustoa suomalaisille työmarkkinoille seuraavilla […]

Please read the translation in Finnish at the end of the article. When a workplace is confronted with a situation where a planned restructuring may lead to a reduced use of workforce, the employer must conduct negotiations with the employees in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Act on Cooperation within Undertakings. When one is preparing a […]

How the Amendments to the Annual Holidays Act Will Affect Employers
March 29, 2019

This blog post is available in Finnish here. Until now, an absent worker in Finland has not been entitled to accrue days of annual holiday after 75 days of sick leave. Consequently, a long sick leave might have affected the length of an employee’s annual holiday significantly. The situation will change as of 1 April […]

Kuinka vuosilomalain muutokset vaikuttavat työnantajaan
March 29, 2019

This blog post is available in English here. Töistä poissaoleva työntekijä ei Suomessa tähän asti ole ollut oikeutettu vuosilomapäiviin yli 75 päivää kestäneen sairauspoissaolon jälkeen. Tämän seurauksena pitkät sairauspoissaolot ovat voineet vaikuttaa työntekijän vuosiloman pituuteen merkittävästi. Tilanne muuttuu 1. päivä huhtikuuta 2019, kun vuosilomalakiin tehdyt muutokset astuvat voimaan. Lakiin tehtyjä muutoksia sovelletaan jo 1.4.2019 alkavaan […]

Secrets of Continuous Development The biggest difference I find between professional sports and working life is the intense strive to become better. Aiming for an Olympic medal in any sports requires years of uncompromised dedication to make your team and yourself better and facing your weaknesses every single day of the year. Working life and […]

A GLIMPSE OF TEAMWORK BEHIND THE OLYMPIC MEDAL Six and a half years have passed since our team of three women stepped on the podium in the London Olympics. Now, nearly three years into full-time work life, it seems like a good time to reflect on the lessons learned during the intensive years of Olympic […]

Employment Legislation Changes to Look Out for in 2019
December 20, 2018

Please read the translation in Finnish at the end of the article. The needs of the changing and ageing society, as well as the possibilities and challenges related to the new ways of working have during the past year led to lively discussions regarding the need for amendments to labour law. Such needs and the […]

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